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On subcutaneous veins of the neck. Improper reduction and malpositioning of the maxilla can occur when the bony interferences are not appropriately evaluated and the maxillomandibular complex is not seated passively with the condyles in correct position. Rarely, an EDH may be venous in origin due to laceration of the middle meningeal vein or a dural venous sinus. The angular vein also accompanies the artery in this path. The pharyngeal plexus provides venous drainage and communicates with the internal jugular veins directly or via communication with the pterygoid plexus. Anatomic evaluation of the facial artery and vein using color Doppler ultrasonography.
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Median nerve – Course and Innervation

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The facial vein is valveless — blood can reverse direction and flow from the facial vein to the cavernous sinus. Severance of the External Jugular Vein 1. The pterygoid venous plexus communicates with the cavernous sinus via the emissary veins. Medical Dictionary facial vein. To COS superior sagittal straight inferior sagittal occipital.
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Facial-cavernous anastomoses | Radiology Reference Article |

The petrosphenoidal syndrome, that is, superior invasion into the base of skull, involves cranial nerves III, IV, V, and VI, and patients commonly describe facial pain with V2 involvement with or without ocular muscle and efferent papillary reflex deficits. In addition, 10 cephalic specimens were investigated using contrast agent-enhanced computed tomographic imaging. The root of a term refers to an organ, tissue. Into which vein do the anterior jugular veins empty? Latin, Italian and French have contributed many words to the English language, Latin and Ancient Greek roots are used in theology, biology, and medicine. Thus it receives the sphenopalatine, the middle meningeal, the deep temporal, the pterygoid, masseteric, buccinator, alveolar, and some palatine veins, and a branch which communicates with the ophthalmic vein through the inferior orbital fissure.
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Surgical anatomy of head and neck. It contains blood vessels and nerves that supply structures in the head to the body. Facial soft-tissue spaces and retaining ligaments of the midcheek: The fibres are ordered into upper, intermediate and lower groups. They develop fully by the age of two years, the diploic veins drain this area into the dural venous sinuses.
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