Airglass wheel penetration ski manufacture

The plane will taxi over plowed fields on skis but remember that skis are bolted directly to the gear with absolutely zero shock absorption, and so unless this field has 8" plus of snow, it will be hard on the airframe and may well knock your fillings out. Display posts from previous: They seem like nice folks and I hope the skis work out well. The wing attachment was still fastened to the carry-through structure. I tape off parts of the back as needed. NAK is winter outfitted with Federal model hydraulic wheel skis which manually retract under the 8:

LW-3600 Fixed Penetration Ski

F. E. Potts' Guide to Bush Flying

The airplane arrived in Alaska brand new and came factory equipped for float and ski installation. I find that the biggest advantage of having a tail ski is that if you ever have to get out and push your tail around to get your airplane out of a tigh spot or aligned with your chosen runway it will make life a lot easier for you, especially in deep snow. Don't put full power before reaching 50 mph. Down to about or its comfy but you know when you start to get into colder than that. Oh boy, I'm SO excited. Bush Hawk - A first look.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada - Aviation Investigation Report A97Q

I bought the plane in with hours on the original engine on amphib floats. Plan on doing some walking to measure landing and take off areas. Does the still have them? Total useable fuel is 58 gallons. Insurance does not increase on skis, at least not with Avemco. Nov 4 th , Gender: A historical review and flying tips for the aspiring DC-3 pilot.
It has said if you're gonna wreck you airplane, it will be in the winter on skis. Dave, thank you for your info. Burl makes the Magnum in a couple of sizes and now has provisions for the Baby Bushwheels wide fork. Will we ever see or is anyone working on a set of wheel-skis or wheel penetration skis for use with Bushwheels? I'm thinking 35's or at least 31's on that 3" gear. To accommodate these parts the seats come out quickly and are replaced with special tie down hooks and cargo nets to keep every thing in its place when the winds kick up making for a bouncy ride. DAVE This would suggest to me that the skis where designed to be re-postioned in flight only!!

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