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It may surprise you to know that plants reproduce by sperm and egg, the same as animals. Under surface of a prothallus. Recent phylogenetic studies suggest that horsetails, Equisetaceae, are derived "ferns. Locate the slide of the fern prothallium: D Question 11 1 pts If you want to make sucrose, you need to join glucose with reaction.
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They grow directly out of the fertilized egg in the archegonia, and remain dependent on the parent gametophyte for their nutrition. Pilularia sporecases like a little hairy pill. Answers from experts Send any homework question to our team of experts. The splitting open of a sporangium is caused by a thick-walled, outer belt of cells called the annulus. Natural history Life cycle The typical fern, a sporophyte , consists of stem , leaf , and root ; it produces spores; and its cells each have two sets of chromosomes , one set from the egg and one from the sperm. How does their growth habit differ from that of the mosses? The greatest economic value of ferns has been in horticulture , with large nurseries supplying millions of plants annually for both indoor decoration and outdoor gardens and landscaping.
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Botany Professor: The truth about sex in plants

Probably they did not have such small, parasitic sporophytes. They just produce spores under their leaves and use them to reproduce. The sexual phase does not require free water for the sperm and egg to meet. In the most primitive plants, like mosses, the gametophyte is dominant i. In waste places, disturbed areas like trails and railroad beds, and in odd corners of fields and forests you might find another small plant quietly dreaming of its former splendor, the horsetail. The annulus is a ring of cells that connects the stalk on one side with the lip cells on the other side.
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Long-distance dispersal and mixing of different genotypes is accomplished by inert spores, and the joining of sperm and egg is then accomplished over a short distance by the tiny gametophytes. Locate a fern frond on which meiosis is occurring. Ferns are among the oldest land plants, dating back to the Carboniferous period to million years ago , when they considered to have been the dominant type of vegetation. The liverworts and mosses were probably not the ancestors of more highly evolved land plants, though their characteristics suggest to us what those ancestors might have been like. They antherozoids are chemically attracted to the developing flask-like female organs or archegonia where fertilization of the single egg cell embedded in each archegonium takes place. Without a cuticle, and with breathing pores that cannot be closed, the gametophyte can easily dry out and die.
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